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Will Lawyers Near Me- Sydney


Clear, concise estate planning solutions and will writing services for people in the Sydney area

It is easy to procrastinate making a Will, thinking that it is something you can do later. However, this could be an expensive mistake for your loved ones and family.

If you have not yet made a will, now is the time to get one created by an expert who understands how important it is to write clear and precise instructions of what should happen with your assets after you die.


Alan Mckimm & Associates our wills and estate lawyers have many years of creating, checking and updating Wills for people from all walks of life and life stages.

Our wills and estate lawyers specialise in writing wills that are easy to read while also being legally sound so that your wishes are carried out exactly as they were intended without any legal loopholes or confusion at a later date.


Wills & Estate Lawyers

Proper estate planning is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your loved ones and ensure that your assets are distributed in the way you want after you die. At Alan Mckimm & Associates, we provide clear and concise legal solutions for all your estate planning needs including will writing, power of attorney and estate administration services.

If you are looking for a lawyer to help you write your will, then you need to find an estate lawyer or probate lawyer who can help you with the process.

When appointing an estate planning lawyer it is important that they have:

  • The relevant experience and expertise in this specific legal area.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the laws for New South Wales & Australia.

  • The ability to clearly explain the legal process involved in writing a will or estate plan, including any legal fees or possible delays that could be encountered.

  • A history of positive client feedback and reviews for people who have used their services before.


You can count on an estate planning lawyer at Alan Mckimm & Associates for comprehensive legal advice when it comes to estate law.

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What is Probate?

When somebody passes away, somebody has to deal with their estate. Probate is the process of proving and registering in the Supreme Court the last Will of a deceased person.

When someone dies, the executor of their will is responsible for handling the estate. This includes disposing of the assets and paying off any debts. In order to get authority to do this, the executor would need to obtain a legal document called a Grant of Probate.

A Grant of Probate is a document issued by the Supreme Court that allows the executor to deal with the deceased person's estate. The grant is usually issued after the executor has provided the Supreme Court with a copy of the deceased person's will, and certain other documents such as an oath of executorship and an inventory of the deceased person's assets.


Legal advice that you can rely on

At Alan Mckimm & Associates, we know that professional advice is essential when it comes to estate planning, especially if you have a family that depends on the stability provided by your Estate.

If you have young children or older parents then careful estate planning is vital to ensure their future care needs are taken care of. It is also important to consider the potential for second marriages and subsequent divorces which can affect what happens to your assets after you pass away.

In short, if you have anything to leave behind it is important that this distribution happens according to your wishes and not under the direction of a Court.

If you need a lawyer near you for a Will writing service then call us on (02) 9580 2122 or contact us here.


Contesting Wills

In some cases, people choose to contest a will after the death of the person who made it. This usually happens when someone feels that they have not been left their fair share of the estate, or when they believe that the will was made under undue influence.

A will can also be challenged or contested if the deceased did not make adequate provision for certain people. This includes spouses, former spouses and partners. This is commonly referred to as a family provision claim.

If you are considering contesting a will then it is important to seek legal advice. Wills and estate disputes can be a long and costly process, especially if they go to trial. They can also mean that the distribution of your estate is delayed while the matter is being settled in court.

The earlier you get legal advice from a suitable lawyer, the better chance you have of settling matters out of court before things become more involved.

At Alan Mckimm & Associates, our will and estate lawyers are here to help we have experience in all areas of will disputes and can provide you with expert legal services so that you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to contest a will.

Call us today on (02) 9580 2122 to talk to our estate planning lawyers.


Looking after my family members when I'm gone

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is making sure that your loved ones are taken care of after you're gone. This can involve setting up a Will, designating guardianship for your children and making sure that the financial needs of your family are met.


Honest and experienced legal advice

Expert legal advice is a must at all stages of the estate planning process. The lawyers at our firm have successfully represented clients in all manners of will disputes and are expert wills and estate lawyers. Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help you with your legal needs.

We also offer legal services in: property law, family law, criminal law, immigration law, employment law, commercial litigation, shareholder disputes, and more.

If you want the best outcome possible, from a wills and estate lawyer who can offer practical advice and legal representation, then get in touch with our principal solicitor Alan Mckimm today!


We offer excellent service, for both Sydney NSW all of Australia.

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